The Drawing Free Ezine

Your Art Course at your finger tips!

The Drawing Free Ezine is created to start or further your own art making enjoyment and development. It is designed to give you simple art making, drawing and painting steps to work at your own pace. These art lessons have been created to increase your ability and confidence in making your own art. The Drawing Free Ezine brings you open-ended art processes that are easy to understand and easy to do.

The Drawing Free Ezine has been designed to be your own sequential (or not!) Art Course. The instructional material in each tutorial of The Drawing Free Ezine is carefully and purposefully designed to begin to develop new drawing, painting and seeing skills. Changes in your ability to make your art will occur naturally as you focus on enjoying the fun and freedom of simply following your heart’s desires and not thinking. Let go of thinking that what you make must be perfect or turn out to look like anything that is in your mind or in the outer world.

Think about it: babies take baby steps once they learn to stand. Babies don’t run marathons and try to win races (or art show competitions!) before they walk. So take it easy and learn to stand and then walk before you demand that you run, paint or draw beautifully. First get to know who you are as a progressing artist! There is so much joy in the journey - and you may not even get to have your art journey without a healthy art attitude and mind set. Draw, paint, learn and enjoy!

You can "take it from the top" starting with Ezine Issue #1 Make Your Own Drawing Space! You can also pick and choose and combine any and all Drawing Free ezines in any way or order you like.

For instance, Ezine Issue #1 Make Your Own Drawing Space! will combine well with Ezine #2 Format+Water+Color=FUN. You can use the material from these two ezines together to add some drawing with colored pencils over dry watercolor washes (from Ezine #2). Enjoy watching how to use colored pencils which is demonstrated in ezine issues #3 and #4, What Tracing Can Do for You (part 1 and part “deux”.)

Remember: It is fun to move our hands and watch marks, colors and lines emerge and converge from nowhere. YES!

Questions and Answers ABOUT The Drawing Free Ezine

Why is the Drawing Free Ezine called Drawing Free?

Drawing Free works to teach you how to draw freely without judgment or criticism.

Why is the Drawing Free Ezine called an ezine and what does ezine mean?

An ezine is an E-lectronic maga-ZINE -- thus called an E-ZINE or just ezine. You can sign-up to receive the most recent publication of the newest issue of the Drawing Free Ezine!

What will the Drawing Free Ezine do for me?

The Drawing Free Ezine is designed to present valuable drawing and painting lessons in very small and most importantly EASY and POSSIBLE chunks that will be FUN for you to DO. While you are playing with your art materials and following the very easy steps, concepts and ideas – you will learn (BY DOING!) what artists need to know to design, create and make art.

Learning to draw with the Drawing Free Ezine will increase your over all everyday creativity. Drawing Free Ezine is created to bring more creativity and self-expression into your life. The Drawing Free Ezine will allow you to draw, paint, create and make art with more ease, freedom and fun. Your creativity lives when it is unbounded and free to roam. Drawing Free Ezine presents art-making ideas for all levels of ability including the absolute beginner. The Drawing Free Ezine and other Drawing Free website drawing, painting and designing tutorials will help you understand how to turn a blank paper or canvas into an engaging and enchanting powerful world.

What more can you tell me about the Drawing Free Ezine?

The Drawing Free Ezine is carefully constructed to demystify learning to draw, paint and design. Each Drawing Free Ezine puts art and art terms into plain language that is easy to grasp. Each issue points to a GLOSSARY PAGE that explains words that are associated with art words and terms contained in that issue. You can learn more about making your own art using the simple and straightforward guidance of The Drawing Free Ezine.

Will using the drawing and painting instruction in the Drawing Free Ezine make me less stressed?

The Drawing Free Ezine also gives you a way to let go of STRESS and move into a RELAXED “CREATING ZONE”. When you are in the “creating zone” your focus and fascination will be on making your art just for the fun of making marks and visual relationships appear. People using the Drawing Free method report a sense of letting go, relaxing and forgetting the problems of their day when they let their creative art brain take over while making art.

Students can arrive at art class frustrated, exhausted and drained by their day. Within minutes of letting the watercolor flow or watching the line that they draw develop they become HAPPY and REJUVENATED. The more the colors move and the lines flow -- the happier you can become!

Use the Drawing Free Ezine daily and start making your own art!