This is one that needs an art explanation rather than what you might find in the dictionary.

Start by taking something like your hand and putting it straight up so that you fully see your palm.

Then tilt your fingers FORWARD toward your so that they come forward. When they come forward they will have less height as they tilt forward. True - your fingers have not actually shortened -- but to the eye they are now taking up less vertical space.

A way to remember: When things tilt forward (come FORE) they are SHORTENED.
Your art brain knows this. But your linear verbal brain will not accept that fingers look any different than the image that it goes to when you say or think: hand or fingers.

It takes careful LOOKING and visual reasoning to win this argument with the part of the brain that has the word and the clip art associated with the word permanently set to override what you actually see.

This is a prime example of draw what you actually SEE rather than what you THINK you see.