low stakes

Low stakes is NOT an art term -- but it is so important in your learning to draw and compose that I want to say a little bit about it here so that you will know what I mean.

Simply put you must keep your practice drama free and perfection free or you will be too freaked out to even draw. So many drawings must be made to increase your skills and understanding. If each time you make a drawing the future of you as an artist depends on the outcome then it will not be long before you throw down your charcoal and forget the whole thing.

To stick with any learning process you must have compassion for yourself and for your learning process as well as respect for the discipline that you are learning. With a low stakes attitude you can work to the best of your abilities at the time -- but the outcome is NOT critical to your process or to your overall enjoyment of drawing. Not everything will be a masterpiece for an artist.

Lighten up and get into the drawing zone! Stop thinking and criticizing and allow yourself to draw freely.