preparatory drawing

A preparatory drawing would follow a study or an exploratory drawing. It is not how to draw something or how to handle an aspect of the drawing. Instead it is the next step in making a drawing where you will use the information that you got from your exploration and studies.

Many preparatory drawings can be focused on WHERE you will place the objects and how they will be ILLUMINATED. While in the preparatory drawing stage you can change up the subject matter either in your still life or in your view point.

These drawings are in preparation for a final drawing. Much frustration can be eliminated by pre-planning a drawing or a painting. Also your ideas can be developed further by trying different ways of making your drawing or painting before you start.

The preparatory drawings can also be called compositional sketches. These drawings that resolve and create how to most powerfully compose the drawing come after any studies or exploratory drawings and before the final drawing. The preparatory drawings lead to the final drawing.